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We are here to support you during the coronavirus outbreak

All of us are worried about coronavirus and how it will affect us and our loved ones.

Understanding your coronavirus status will become a very important factor in planning for the future, seeing relatives and returning to work so we wanted to make testing as accessible as possible.

We combine a functional and traditional medicine approach to help you live a healthier life.

To live longer, to start living and feeling healthier with a new perspective.

Life is precious, so we make it our mission to help and support you in optimising your health by treating the root cause, and turning your symptoms around.

Private GP

Our bodies are amazing self healing systems, made up of 90% organisms and 10% human Genome.

Here we will get right into the heart of your challenges and turn around your body systems, helping you and supporting you all the way with optimal lifestyle and your own abilities to be CEO of your own body and life.

Most importantly, we believe in constant education and evolution towards understanding this magnificent human structure that we all inhabit. Medicine is moving fast and we are moving with it together to benefit YOUR HEALING.

Private GP

The practice. A home from home place for you to heal.

Our practice is a calm, tranquil and welcoming environment which aids a healing state of mind. From the beautiful garden, the warm welcome, the ethereal paintings, flower arrangements, right down to the soft colours we offer a space for patient peace of mind.

Latest News

Our senior registered nurse is now on maternity leave, which means that we are unable to offer organised schedules for baby vaccines for the next year. However, we are still able to offer single Measles, Measles and Rubella, Chicken pox, Meningitis ACWY and Meningitis for children.

Shortages of Certain Vaccinations in the UK

There is a nationwide shortage of the Pneumovax and Zostavax vaccination.

We will update you as soon as we know when supply is back to normal, but please phone us to find out if we have stock available.

Travel Vaccinations

Finally, here at PrivateGP we offer a wide range of travel vaccines to keep you safe whilst you are travelling abroad. We are also a Registered Yellow Fever Centre. Thus, please give the team a call and have a chat with us about your travel plans! Call us on 0116 2700373.

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Here it is not one size fits all. You are unique and we will help you as such.

Our highly knowledgeable and caring team hold passion to share with you on your health journey. We will support you from start to finish while you slowly but surely regain and improve your health and excitement for life.

Therefore, join our excitement today by working with us to optimise your life and health.

Here it is not one sizefits all

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