Functional Medicine

The Medical Weight Loss Program

The medical weight loss program at Private General Practice Services has been created to allow you to partake in cutting edge nutritional technology which can help you lose weight. This technology involves using new biochemical tests to measure exactly how the chemical reaction processes in your body is working; in terms of how much of a particular chemical is being produced in a particular area, to see where along the chain of reactions too much or too little of a chemical is being produced which could affect the build up of weight in your metabolism. By looking at individual chemicals, we can see exactly how your body is working rather than using a one size fits all approach.

Also provided are Psychological Therapists, and Lifestyle Advice which help you tackle your weight from a range of different complementary angles.

The program consists of a 10-week course where you will meet with a variety of specialists including a Private GP, Nutritional Therapist, CBT Therapist and Nurse, where you will have a detailed analysis of the way nutrition and metabolism work in your own individual body and a tailored nutritional solution to fit that analysis. We are able to do this using cutting edge nutritional and biochemical tests that are hard to find.

The nutritional and functional medicine (biochemisty) used in the weight loss program is based upon recent research in America which has led to the pioneering of this new type of medicine. Functional medicine tends to look at the root causes of medical problems rather than just at the surface systems which conventional medicine looks at. With functional medicine you can get a detailed and accurate view of exactly what might be causing a medical issue such as sleep loss or to see what your chances of heart disease may be . Functional Medicine has in some cases provided ‘amazing’ results and can provide solutions to medical problems through changing yur diet which conventional medicine has failed to do.


‘Earlier this year I decided I needed to address my gradual weight gain and my whole relationship with food. For many years I had tried various diets, with little or no long term success. It became very easy to blame the diet or other factors for my weight gain.

In March I received an e-mail from Private GP Services about their weight loss programme and I immediately knew this was exactly what I needed. The whole programme was tailored to my needs. Over a ten week period I was supported by Dr Piper, who did various tests and explained the health benefits. A nutritionist who gave me a massive insight into the food I was eating and the benefits I would receive from changing my diet, also a detailed list of foods to support my weight loss. I also saw a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist who spent time helping me explore and gain a greater awareness of my relationship with food and a nurse who weighed and supported me.

During the ten week period I not only lost a total of 13 kilos in weight but I also gain confidence and a new relationship with food.

Throughout my weight loss program I felt totally supported by everyone and I would highly recommend it to anyone who not only wants to lose weight but to change their relationship with food.’

This weight loss program is uniquely attributable to Private General Practice Services and consists of some of the best nutritional advice in the country.