Best Price for Whooping Couch and a Lovely Welcoming Feeling

“I had a whooping cough vaccine for traveling to Australia to see newborn twin granddaughters. The best price quoted costing £90 less than elsewhere.  A lovely welcoming feeling when you go in, beautiful rooms that look gorgeous. Friendly reception, the nurse was very nice and didn’t rush the appointment.”

100% WhatClinic Review

“Very pleasant, helpful nurse and receptionist. They made my daughter very very comfortable. Painless experience for a 4-year-old. Very satisfied.”

Food Intolerance Testimonial

“Just thought I would drop you a line and update you on my daughter’s condition following her skin issues and dairy/food intolerance problems.

Her skin is now amazing and she is really doing well, your advice was brilliant which we have followed carefully and all the vitamins we purchased have really worked, my wife and the school are really strict on her diet and it has paid dividends and now she is nearly 4 she understands why she can’t have some of the foods her other little friends can.

Just wanted to acknowledge and say thanks for all your help.”

2016 Patient Exit Survey Feedback

‘The service I received here was fantastic. Sue (receptionist) was great, very helpful and put me at ease straight away. Dr Piper was one of the best doctors I have come across, she is very knowledgeable, highly experienced, has a great rapport with patients. I would strongly recommend this practice to all. Thank you to all the team here.’

2013 CFEP Patient Survey Feedback

‘Julia has amazing patience and organisation skills, some of the many reasons she is such a popular and good doctor’

This doctor is very caring and has an interest in her patients, she is happy to work through any alternative medicines and treatments with them and does not instantly reach for the prescription pad to solve a patients problems’

‘Conscientious, patient focused and good at networking. Feedback from patients is always excellent’

‘Holistic view, empathy, Leadership’

‘Very Empathetic towards patients, treats patients holistically, excellent communication skills’

‘Compassionate, Thorough’

‘Goes over and above the call of duty when required to ensure patient care is paramount. Always looking to take the practice forward “putting people first” at all times. Using best practice ethics’

Health and Well-being

‘Thank you for seeing x quickly for us some months ago. It was a terrible time and cancer seemed certain. It all turned out to be an ulcer on his lung, He has made a full recovery after surgery. Your swift attention and help was very much Appreciated.’

‘I must remember to thank you for all you have done for us. We do appreciate it and the fact that you are there and can help us so well outside the NHS is brilliant.’

‘Thank you all so much for all your help and support during my recent ‘scary’ time. Without exception, each member of the team from Dr Piper to all the wonderful office admin support, has been caring and supportive giving wonderful service help and advice. I would like to thank you all.’

‘I will never forget your exceptional care; you saved my life and for that I will be eternally Grateful.’

‘I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me today and for helping make this very protracted and Difficult time with my health seem less daunting. It was a breath of fresh air to finally meet a practitioner who treated me with such compassion and Respect.’     

‘Many thanks for your letter. I have carefully noted all the points listed and have faithfully taken all the Supplements you gave me… I feel more alive already.’

‘I am very thankful for you for helping x through a very difficult time.’

‘It was such a huge relief to know that people like yourselves have the skills and caring attitude to help. It will always stay with me how brilliant you all were.’         

Weight Loss Testimonial

‘Earlier this year I decided I needed to address my gradual weight gain and my whole relationship with food. For many years I had tried various diets, with little or no long term success. It became very easy to blame the diet or other factors for my weight gain.

In March I received an e-mail from Private GP Services about their weight loss programme and I immediately knew this was Exactly what I Needed. The whole programme was Tailored to my Needs. Over a ten week period I was supported by Dr Piper, who did various tests and explained the health benefits. A nutritionist who gave me a Massive Insight into the food I was eating and the benefits I would receive from changing my diet, also a detailed list of foods to support my weight loss. I also saw a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist who Spent Time helping me explore and gain a Greater Awareness of my relationship with food and a nurse who weighed and supported me.

During the ten week period I not only lost a total of 13 kilos in weight but I also gain confidence and a new relationship with food.

Throughout my weight loss programme I felt totally supported by everyone and I would highly recommend it to anyone who not only wants to lose weight but to change their relationship with food.’

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