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Private General Practice Services is undertaking Creating a set of Free Informational Services to help provide you with useful information and tools about medical services. We are for example producing a range of videos which offer you free information about topics you are interested in. To see these videos please visit our channel here. There are videos on a variety of medical subjects, which may help you decide if you need a service. Videos offer an Animated Way of learning about a subject and seeing staff before you see them at the practice.

We also have a Facebook page  where you can learn about new and interesting information about Medicine and the services we offer. Facebook is a great, fun way to keep up to date with new products and services, information about the different types of treatment, and to have your say by making comments on the Information we post. The best way to use us is to click the ‘like’ button on our Facebook page so that you receive all the latest updates straight to your Facebook news feed. Facebook is also a great way to keep in contact with friends and Share Information we post with them to help them if they may need it.

We also are on Twitter for all the latest one line broadcasts about New Updates, new medical treatments, useful information and we also have a blog. The blog is one of the best ways to get information on health on our website. We currently have a wealth of articles on depression, some on autism and some on cancer. Reading these articles can suggest new ways for you to treat yourself or tell you current ways in which you can help for example. You may just find something new that you can try to help your or a family members’ health. These services are a great way to get Involved in the Practice and to help you Stay Healthy.

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