Occupational Health

Muscoskeletal Problems

Musculoskeletal problems such as Back Pain are a leading cause of long term absence and affects not only manual workers but office based employees. Our questionnaires will help you to discover problems early before they become a long term issue. Early assessment diagnosis and treatment will aid early return to work. Our referral network for Physiotherapy, provision for Acupuncture and our assessment for adjustments and alternative methods of working can keep someone at work who otherwise would be resting a limb, possibly inappropriately thereby creating long term sickness.

“We now know that by sitting correctly, we can save weeks or months of long term back pain”.

We offer a range of options to deal with musculoskeletal problems at work including:

• Ergonomic workplace questionnaires and assessments
• Private GP Consultations
• Psychological Assessments
• Occupational health Assessments
• Stress in the workplace workshops

If you would like to arrange for any of the above services for your employees please ring the practice to ask for a quotation.

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