Case Studies

1. Work Related Upper Limb Disorder
Mr. Y, aged 36, was referred by his employer as he had had two weeks off of work with pain in his shoulder. Following a full assessment by the Occupational Doctor, it was felt that he was suffering with pain in his upper back shoulder and arm relating to the combination of repetitive movements with one of his hobbies and similar repetitive movements in the workplace situation. We were able to advise him to rest from his particular Hobby and advised the Company to modify his job so that he no longer carried out the relevant repetitive movements. He was treated with a course of acupuncture over a period of 3 months and eventually returned to his previous job with no further problem. Had he not been referred to Occupational medicine, there was a possibility that he would have continued to “rest the shoulder” which would have perpetuated the situation and worsened it and possibly caused it to become a long term chronic problem resulting in a potential inability to work and also possibly litigation with regard to the Company.

2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Mrs. W, aged 45, was referred to our Occupational service as she had been off sick for several weeks due to long standing irritable bowel. This took the form of having to rush to the toilet facilities which were placed at a large distance from her workstation. She also had knee pain which reduced her speed of movement and this Prevented her from accessing toilet facilities quickly. After a consultation with our Occupational Health Physician she was advised to return to work with the benefit of better pain relief for her knee pain due to osteoarthritis, as this was the main limiting factoring in her Difficulty with toilet facility access. She was also given a course of acupuncture, which resolved her irritable bowel syndrome and which also helped her knee osteoarthritis.

The Occupational Health Physician wrote to the patient’s NHS Doctor to inform him of the treatment. The Company were delighted; they had an employee back in the work Situation, who otherwise may have been off sick long term. The employee was very pleased as she had received time and support from an Independent Doctor who was knowledgeable about her working situation who had more time to listen to actual work related difficulties. She was also delighted that she had received prompt treatment without necessarily having to wait to see her NHS Doctor or be referred to NHS Outpatients whereupon she may have lost many more weeks off of work. She was delighted with the acupuncture as her normal arthritis tablets caused pain in her tummy.