Obesity and Weight Loss

We all enjoy indulging from time to time and we all know that we should eat food which is good for us. However most of us do not know which foods are good for us and which are not! In addition some of us have become overweight and are told by our doctors that we must lose weight or face the repercussions. Unfortunately losing weight is never easy. There are weight watcher programmes, slimming pills, GI Diets, The Atkins Diet, and all sorts of other diets and surgery that may or may not be good for us and help us to lose weight. However staying slim once achieved is never easy and it is all too easy to put back on those extra pounds you have strived so hard to take off!

Here at PrivateGP.com we are dedicated to helping you understand your body’s metabolism and learning how to eat healthily and nutrify your body. We will provide you with suggestions on how to lose weight and stick to it! We also have a specialist in the use of CBT for Weight Loss.

To help you lose weight we can offer a variety of tests and treatments including:

  • Consultation with one of our doctors
  • Functional Medicine tests.
  • Consultation with our qualified Nutritionist
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy as an alternative to Bariatric Surgery
  • Acupuncture
  • CBT for Weight Loss (see further information below)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Weight Loss
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has recently been increasingly widely recognised as a highly effective approach to successful weight loss and weight maintenance – and we are delighted to announce that it is now available at our practice!

With the Cognitive Behavioural approach to Losing Weight, and maintaining your new weight, our aim is to free you from the frustration of diets that fail to work and instead provide you with an opportunity to learn how to become successful in achieving and maintaining the weight loss you wish for. We work with you to support and Empower you to make changes that will be the key to successfully achieving the results that you want.

Research shows that over 90% of people who try to lose weight by going on a diet will “fail”. They may lose weight in the short term while Sticking to the restrictions imposed by the diet, only to regain the weight when they stop the restrictions and often put on even more weight. Others soon find the restrictions too Difficult to maintain and “give up”. The result of this is that individuals blame themselves for “failing” and being “weak willed” or think that for some reason they are unable to lose weight. Referring to the many diets promoted by the Multi-Million pound “diet industry” Paul McKenna in his book “I Can Make You Thin” concludes: “Too many diets, too few results”. He suggests that these kinds of diets “are no more than training courses in how to get fat and feel like a failure“. Crash diets or any severely restrictive diets do not work for long term weight management – in fact they Interfere with the body’s natural mechanisms and can cause weight gain due to muscle loss and the body’s reaction to muscle loss and the body’s reaction to deprivation of sufficient nutrition.

Eating is a behaviour which is essential for life! But how, when and what we eat are factors that are influenced by many things. We learn our eating habits at a Very Early Age – and sometimes we need to Update or Change some of these habits in order to lose weight and maintain a healthier and happier weight. Our Cognitive Behavioural Therapist is specially trained to help you to identify and to make those changes.

In the consultation our therapist will firstly discuss with you what your goal is in terms of the weight you wish to be. She will then conduct a full analysis with you of your diet and eating patterns. From this she will design a programme to achieve your goal and will support you in making the changes that have been identified. She will guide you Through these changes, step – by – step, and provide you with the knowledge to become your own “therapist” so that you can be in charge of your life and continue to successfully manage your weight.