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Homocysteine can Better Determine than any other blood test whether you will live a long and healthy life. It is possibly More Predictive than having your blood pressure, cholesterol and even your weight checked.

Homocysteine is produced from the amino acid methionine which is found in Normal Dietary Protein. It is also produced by the body and ideally should be present in very low quantity. However, if you are not Optimally nourished, homocysteine can accumulate in the blood increasing the risk for over 50 Diseases including heart attack, strokes, certain cancers, diabetes, depression and Alzheimers disease.

One in two people in Britain have a high homocysteine level. The good news is that this new and important risk factor can be reversed in weeks. As part of your routine health checks and consultations, we are trying to measure this level for all of our patients.


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