Quick changes for a healthier heart

February is all about matters of the heart. February is not only about Valentine’s day, it is also #HeartHealth month. The month of the year where medical practitioners and loved ones alike raise awareness about taking proper care of your heart.

Think your heart is in need of some tender loving care? Here are other handy hints for mahearts on pagesking sure your heart is healthier and happier:

  • Eat fruit for a snack
  • Eat fish 1-2 times per week
  • Substitute olive oil for butter
  • Put away the salt shaker
  • Eat oatmeal for breakfast
  • Skip dessert
  • Add 60 minutes of exercise per week
  • Sit quietly for 15 minutes a day
  • Skip the elevator and escalator, walk up the stairs
  • Park at the end of the parking lot and walk
  • Bike to work
  • Quit smoking

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