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If you or someone you know has a medical illness, health problems or a medical condition, then you can get expert medical help at Private General Practice Services ( Usually the best course of action to take is to ring one of our staff and book a consultation. Depending on your query our customer services team should be able to advise exactly you as to what type of consultation you need and during a consultation a doctor or nurse will assess you and advise you with the best course of treatment, or treatments which could be any number of things.

Alternatively you can book a health check which aims to see if you are fit and healthy and catch any major conditions early. You can also book cosmetic health appointments which can make you look and feel younger and better. You can book an integrated therapy such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, massage and reflexology. You can also book nutritional appointments and specific medical tests. However usually you will require a diagnosis before this happens in order to determine if a treatment is appropriate for your condition or problem.

There are a wide variety of treatment and prevention services provided but generally it is best to have a consultation before deciding which may be best for you. Ltd is registered by the Care Quality Commission – Certificate Number: CRT-566454930 © Copyright Private General Practice Services 2020

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