More on Weight Loss

New research has found that self control can make you more aggressive. So if you are dieting and controlling your diet, you might find yourself becoming more aggressive. This is a result of you being more stressed. You are stressed because you are giving up short term gains, like a tasty bar of chocolate for something less appetizing like vegetables. (DietBlog). Being aware of this may help you understand why you are angry when you are dieting or exercising self control.

Also, more on why nuts help weight loss: At least 3 studies have shown that when taking almonds, rather than gaining weight due to extra calories, weight is actually lost. The reasons for this include that the nuts reduce your appetite, your body doesn’t absorb the nuts fat and they increase the rate of metabolism.

So eating nuts instead of less nutritious foods may help you lose weight.

Number of nuts in a 1oz (30g) serving:

  • Almonds: 20-24
  • Brazil nuts: 6-8
  • Cashews: 16-18
  • Hazelnuts: 18-20
  • Pecans: 18-20 (halves)
  • Pine Nuts: 150-157
  • Pistachios: 45-47
  • Walnuts: 8-11

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