Medical Weight Loss Program

There are ways now in which we can help you slim yourself down and put yourself in a healthy weight range. There is a course, ‘The Medical Weight Loss Program’ that can help you reduce weight by altering the nutritional levels of certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your body. Sometimes the levels of certain biochemicals which are created by interactions of vitamins, chemicals and nutrients are in excess or are too small, and as a result cause chemicals like fat to build up in our bodies. Using the modern technique of functional medicine, a technique only found at the moment in a few places on the planet, but possibly to grow into a leading medical principle, Private General Practice Services is for the first time able to change body weight, in a natural, targeted, accurate and non side effect damaging way, by simply altering your diet in a targeted scientific method by changing the foods you eat, when you eat them to good eating times, and supplementing where necessary.

The Medical Weight Loss Program is offered by Private General Practice Services. See here for a page detailing the tests and schedule of the program.

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