Irritable Bowel and Probiotics…. Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Fortunately, the most recent significant advances in our understanding of irritable bowel syndrome have occurred in the field of characterising the GI tract microbiota imbalances and dysfunctions which occur in IBS.As a result, it is now recognised that the interaction between the microbiota and host factors can have an impact not only on gut barrier function, but also the brain-gut axis and even host immune engagement.

Hence the use of probiotics can have greater, far reaching effects than simply rebalancing potential disturbances in the gut flora in the treatment of IBS than was once thought.But dont forget to have your symptoms diagnosed. If you have passed any blood, have abdominal pain, or altered bowel movements of a persistent nature, also if you have a family history of bowel cancer; then speak to your doctor. This month is also Bowel cancer Awareness month! Ltd is registered by the Care Quality Commission – Certificate Number: CRT-566454930 © Copyright Private General Practice Services 2020

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