Is HRT linked to increase in Breast Cancer?

breast cancer awarenessThe Telegraph recently published an article of a new study stating that cases of cancer related to prolonged HRT (Hormone Replacement Treatment) use is much higher than previously thought. Although we use Bioidenticals here at Private GP we like to keep our patients informed.

The experts at BMS have said “While this study is good for an observational study, it is still an observational study and hence has biases. The overall information does not tell us anything new – and nothing that was not already included in the NICE guideline.

Some important points to consider:

1.The risk associated with combined HRT returned back to baseline within 1 to 2 years after stopping HRT, confirming the view that HRT does not CAUSE breast cancer, but that it may promote the growth of cancer cells which are already present in some women.  It can act as a promoter, not an initiator. This is a really important message since many women fear that HRT causes breast cancer.

2. The NICE guideline did take into account the fact that previous observational studies may have underestimated the risk, so NICE recommendations are still very relevant.

3.No increased risk with estrogen only.

4. In combined HRT, there is evidence that different progestogens may be associated with a different risk, types increasingly used today were not the main types used in this study.

5. While trebling of risk sounds very alarming, the actual figures are still very small and for many women, the benefits will continue to outweigh the risks.

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