Headaches and Functional Medicine

Headaches are very common and can be broken into two categories – primary and secondary groups. Primary refers to headaches which arn’t due to an underlying health problem and secondary is due to those with in underlying condition. Tension headaches are most common. They are usually caused by stress, too much alcohol, depression, dehydration and not getting enough sleep among other reasons. Migraines are less common and are characterised by being too disabling so that you can’t do your work or carry on with daily life.

Secondary headaches can be caused by medications, alcohol, concussion, colds, flu, allergic reactions.

Typical treatments for headaches include medications however there are other potential types of treatment. Functional medicine for example, identifies the root causes of the heachache which can be a number of things, and treatments vary depending on the cause, rather than having a one size fits all approach one can identify a particular solution to that cause which might be for example to take magnesium. The advantage of fuctional medicine is that it tends to work much better than traditional medications which in some cases can make the situation worse. The following video explains a functional medicine solution to headaches.

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