When is a flu jab not a flu jab? When its a nasal spray!

Are you interested in pain-free, gentle protection against flu for your child this winter?

If they are aged between 2 years and 17 years old, there’s an alternative to the routine flu jab which comes in the form of a nasal spray. Here at PrivateGP services we’re once again pleased to be able to offer this effective alternative to the traditional “jab” – it ‘s called Fluenz Tetra.

The nasal spray flu vaccine chosen for children in the UK is made up of specially weakened, whole, live viruses and it’s been used around the world since 2003, with over 79 million doses of this nasal spray vaccine having been administered.

If you’re interested in finding out more information then why don’t you give the friendly team a call on 0116 270 0373 to see how this works.

Alternatively, more information from the manufacturers very informative web page can be viewed here

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