Practice Fees

Charges for Treatment – Please see below for full list of Practice Fees.

Registration with the practice is FREE.

All fees are payable immediately after the consultation by cash, cheque or credit card. (All credit cards accepted apart from American Express).

Insurance companies in the UK may not cover fees for visits to GPs. Please check with your insurance provider at all stages for appropriate authorisations.

Surgery appointment hours are from 8.45am to 4.00pm (last appointment).

NEW PATIENTS – On booking an initial appointment the full consultation fee will be required as a deposit to secure the appointment, this will be deducted from the final balance at the end of the consultation.

NOTE if cancelled within 48 hours, 50% of the consultation fee will be charged. If cancelled within 24 hours, 100% of the consultation fee will be charged. Missed appointments will also be charged at 100% the consultation fee.

Repeated missed appointments will require consultation fee being paid upfront.

Please remember that Doctor’s Fees and Nurse’s Fees also apply to telephone conversations/consultations; Skype or Facetime calls, e-mails or indeed any other form of medical contact.

Procedures (including blood tests etc.) command additional fees, please discuss with the Doctor or Nurse at the time of consultation and see the detailed guide.

Please feel free to request information and prices for individual medicals.

Please note that while we will endeavour to charge the full amount immediately after a consultation, this is not always possible and you may be sent a further invoice.

Please note that there is no need to de-register from your NHS practice. The service provided by Private General Practice Services complements the service provided by the NHS and can be used as well as or instead of the services provided by your NHS Practitioner.


Fees for Consultations

Registration FREE
Private GP: 15 minutes £90
Private GP: 30 minutes £180
Private GP: 45 minutes £270
Private GP : 1 hour £360
Nurse: 15 minutes £25
Nurse: 30 minutes £50
Nurse: 45 minutes £75
Nurse: 1 hour £100
Consultant £300-£400
Chinese Acupuncture: 30 minutes £160
Western Acupuncture: 30 minutes £160
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (‘CBT’): 60mins £160
Hypnotherapy: 45mins £230
Massage: 90mins £90
Nutritionist: 45 mins (further consultation) £95
Nutritionist: 90 mins (initial consultation) £180
Physiotherapist: 60mins £100
Psychotherapist: 60mins £130
Phlebotomy (blood taking) £29
Private GP email correspondence £25+ depending on length of email
Private Prescriptions £15-£45
Interpretation of Non-Private GP Test Results £10 per test
Handwritten private prescriptions for unlicensed medication (e.g. HRT) £45
Specialist Referral Letter £30 – £50
Prescribed Drugs and Medications Prices on request
Blood Tests Prices on Request
Vitamins and Supplements Prices on Request

Childhood Immunisations


Chicken Pox £80
Chicken Pox (booster) £80
Infanrix (diphtheria, tetanus & acellular pertussis) £75
Infanrix x IPV (as above and polio) £80
New Infanrix (diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, inactivated polio, Hib) £115
Influenza injection £25
Influenza nasal spray £75
HIB (Meningitis) £60
Meningitis B (per dose) £150
Meningitis A & C £55
Meningitis ACWY £70
Menitorix (Hib & Men C) £75
Measles  £90
MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)  £75
Mumps/ Rubella no longer available  N/A
Pneumovax – Pneumococcal vaccination for over 5’s £70
Polio (course of 3) £60 each
Prevenar – Pneumococcal vaccination for under 5’s £90
Repevax (diphtheria low dose, tetanus, acellular pertussis, inactivated polio) £65
Revaxis (pre-school booster – diptheria, tetanus, inactivated polio) £40
Rotarix (incl consent consultation – 2nd dose) £90
Whooping cough £75

Travel Vaccinations

Cholera (oral vaccine – course of 2) £55 each
Japanese Encephalitis (course of 2) £110 each
Hepatitis A (Course of 2) £45 each
Hepatitis B (course of 3) £45 each
Hepatitis A & B (course of 3) £85 each
Hepatitis A & Typhoid £75
Inactivated Polio £60
Rabies (course of 3) £70 each
Tick born Encephalitis (course of 2) £70 each
Typhoid £50
Yellow Fever £60
Travel risk assessment FREE if vaccinations administered (£75 if not)

Other Immunisations and Injections

Cervical Cancer Vaccination (Gardasil 9) – from age 10 (course of 3 including consultation) £160 each
Iron injection – Jectofer £55
Kenalog injection £235 incl. Dr. consultation
Methyl Prednisoline with Lidocaine £55
Vitamin B12 injection £50
Vitamin D Injection £45
Shingles Vaccination £180
Intravita Vitamin injections £295 – £400

Medical Examinations

Diving, Motor or Speedboat £150
Fitness to drive a vehicle & consultation £150
Pre-employment £280
Pre-employment with blood test £330
HGV Medical £150

Certificates / Examinations

Driving Licence Validation time based £300 per hour
Freedom from Infection time based £300 per hour
Holiday Cancellation time based £300 per hour
Insurance Claim Form Completion time based £300 per hour
Insurance Reports time based £300 per hour
Jury Exemption Certificate time based £300 per hour
Legal letter time based £300 per hour
Letter to Airline time based £300 per hour
Medical Certificate time based £300 per hour
Medical Insurance Company Letter time based £300 per hour
Passport Validation time based £300 per hour
Private Sick Certificate time based £300 per hour
Seatbelt Exemption Certificate time based £300 per hour
Solicitor Copy of Patient’s Notes time based £300 per hour


IUCD Consultation & fitting Prices from £300 (Currently not available)
Implant Consultation & fitting Prices from £300 (Currently not available)
Depo Provera Injection £60
Diaphragm Fitting and Consultation £190

Other Services

Audiometry £50
24hr Blood Pressure Monitoring £200
Breathing Test (Spirometry) £50
Cervical Cancer Screen (Smear Test & HPV test) & Examination (with Doctor) £205.50
Cervical Cancer Screen (Smear Test & HPV test) & Examination (with Nurse) £165.50
Cryotherapy Treatment (small warts £25 each, large £50 each) £25-50 each wart
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) £160 per hr
Dermatology Questionnaire and Tests on site £100
ECG £95
ECG Mini Clinic (Remote Monitoring Facility) £150
Ear Syringing £50
Pregnancy Test £40
Steroid Injection £75
Travel Pack £35
Blood Group Test £95

Aesthetical Consultations

Initial Consultation (with doctor) £90/£160
Initial Consultation (with nurse) From £25
Botox 1 area £200
Botox 2 areas £275
Botox 3 areas £340
Botox 4 areas £390
Please consult the practice for prices of individual treatments

Sexual Health

Female Comprehensive Sexual Health Screen £450
Male Comprehensive Sexual Health Screen £450
HIV Standard £100
Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea £140
HIV Comprehensive £230
HPV/Cervical Cancer (3 injections) £150

Health Checks

Cholesterol and Glucose Testing £55
Nurse Led Male or Female Standard Health Check £120
Nurse Led Male or Female Premier Health Check £200
Well Woman Check (includes smear test, excludes mammogram) £250
Executive Health Check (< 45 yrs) – Male & Female £320
Executive Health Check (female > 45 yrs, excl. any tests) £400
Executive Health Check (male > 45 yrs includes prostate assessment) £450
Executive Health Check (female > 45 yrs, including Mammogram and Smear Test) £575
(There may be an extra charge if 2 mammogram views are required)

Occupational Health Fees for Companies and Professional Firms

Audiometry – Onsite £50 (per person)
Breathing Function & Spirometry £50 (per person)
Grip Tests £25
Dermatology Questionnaire £25 (per person)
Night Worker Questionnaire £50
Fork Lift Truck Driver Medical £180
HGV Medical £150
Drug Testing (with chain of custody) £99 + Consultation fee
Alcohol Testing £88
Asbestos Medicals (excl Fit to Work) £100
Asbestos Medicals (incl Fit to Work) £200
Lead Medicals £200
Cholesterol & Glucose Test £55
Nurse Led Standard Health Check £120
Nurse Led Premier Health Check £200
Well Woman Check (excludes Mammogram, Smear Test) £250
Health Check (male & female < 45 yrs) £320
Health Check (female > 45 yrs, excluding Mammogram and Smear Test) £400
Health Check (male > 45 yrs includes prostate assessment) £450
Health Check (female > 45 yrs, including Mammogram and Smear Test) £575
(There may be an extra charge if 2 mammogram views are required)
Independent Occupational Health Assessment plus Report from £320
Sickness Absence Report time based £300 per hour
Offshore Oil & Gas Medicals (UKOOA Registered – excl ECG) £300
Overseas Medical (excl ECG) £300
Pre-employment Questionnaire £50
Pre-employment Medical (excl blood test) £280
Pre-employment Medical (incl blood test) £330
Animal Welfare Inspectors Annual Salmonella stool sample testing £50.60 + £25 + Nurse Fees
Workstation Assessment £100
Working at Height / Climber Medicals £220

In Addition

  • Charges for onsite surveillance include a data collection agency being seconded onsite to collect the data
  • Private General Practice Services will then communicate medical information and results to the company or firm whilst protecting the confidentiality of the employees. The cost of concluding summaries and advice to the company or firm consequent upon the health surveillance is included in the quotation.
  • Other services, including employee medicals, executive health checks and return to work opinions are charged at the current hourly rate of £320
  • A full range of occupational health services is available, and prices can be obtained on request.
  • Please contact the practice for a quotation that meets your specific requirements.
  • Please note that Private General Practice Services reserves the right to amend prices at any time due to unforeseen circumstances.