Email Information

Private General Practice Services is now offering a range of email autoresponders which you can sign up to for free information about health issues. If you go to our website and click on many of our main pages such as ‘consultations’  and ‘integrated therapies’ you will see if you scroll all the way down a sign up box. Each different sign up box signs you up not to the same campaign but to a different set of emails on that health topic, so that you can sign up to recieve information only about the topics you are interested in. Each topic has about 3 emails which may contain videos and links to other documents as well. We have autoresponders on depression, heart disease and cancer for example, and these emails will tell you more about how you can deal with these illnesses as well as maybe a little about them and the different treatments you can recieve for each. Functional medical responses to each are often talked about so you can see and understand the benefits of these. Below is one of our autoresponders on social media. Just sign up to learn more about the social media and other free services we offer. Ltd is registered by the Care Quality Commission – Certificate Number: CRT-566454930 © Copyright Private General Practice Services 2020

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