Do Antidepressants Work?

Many of us when visiting an NHS doctor for depression may end up being prescribed medication for depression. Medication is probably the most used treatment for depression in the country. I personally was given medication for depression at a young age. I could feel the effect of the drugs in my body. I noticed different perceptions, but the perceptions I noticed were confusing. While feeling more alert and awake maybe, I felt also hypersensitive, my perceptions were over stimulated and I became more anxious, and my world seemed to become more psychotic over as I reacted more negatively to things others may not react to.

I think these are the problems with drugs. While they may have some effect which could be stated to contribute towards making people feel happier and may work for some people, they can cause side effects as the drugs may not have been tested in the long term and they are chemicals which could affect the body in different ways for each individual.

The drug companies publish scientific papers to show that there drugs work, but most of these papers actually offer little support for showing that these drugs are effective. What’s more studies have found that drug companies only publish the research that works in favour of their drugs, and so you get a biased view to help them sell their drugs better (The New England Journal of Medicine).

There are increasingly becomming ways in which we can use more natural methods without these side effects which can be used to treat illnesses like depression. These methods would seem to be more in tune with nature as they are part of the normal chemcial intake we use when eating foods, and are not toxic like drugs. This is again some of the benefits of functional medicine.

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