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Get the Creaks out of your Joints this Winter

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We often forget what our joints enable us to do. They literally keep us moving. We tend to take them for granted until they don’t function properly. Joint problems occur through injury, autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis or Ostheoarthritis as a result of general “wear and tear”.

Vitamin D deficiencies can also increase the occurrence of joint problems as it is vital to supporting bone and muscle health. A lot of people have sub-optimal levels of Vitamin D. Recent studies have found that one in five adults and one in six children have low levels of Vitamin D.

Often optimum levels of Vitamin D cannot be achieved or maintained through diet alone and supplements are needed to diminish deficiencies. In fact, the Department of Health recommends a daily dose of 10 micro-grams of vitamin D to ensure prime health.

Now, it can be confusing to know what supplements or nutritional guidelines are best for you. Often the underlying cause of pain or illness is inflammation and more complex analysis is needed to find the right treatment or supplement. We are passionate about finding the best solution for you and recommend an in-depth, overall assessment to get to the root of the problem. Here at PrivateGP we specialise in functional health and could offer you expert guidance as well as the best supplements to maintain optimum health.

Book an appointment with Dr. Piper today if you want to make sure your joints get the tender loving care they deserve. Bounce back to health with us.

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