How to banish Blue Monday!

Dr Piper and her Team here at Private GP Services hope that you’re fully recovered from all the festivities and have returned happy, refreshed and looking forward to a Healthy 2015!

The dark and cold months of January and February can get us all a bit down so Dr Piper has a few ideas up her sleeve to help us all beat those Winter Blues…

  • Plan Something Nice! ….   Now is the time to plan your next holiday, party, or a new  experience of some kind, to help brighten up the long, dark days ahead. By having something to look forward to it can really help us see past the daily routine and give us something to get excited about!
  • Drink More! …. And Dr Piper doesn’t mean the alcoholic variety….Nothing drains energy like dehydration. Keep your fluids up and you will find you are much more alert. 
  • Stress Busting! Stress kills energy, enthusiasm, & health. Relax by identifying a nice, calming activity that you enjoy.  Dedicate ten or twenty minutes in the day to doing this nice thing…
  • Formulate A Plan! …. At work or at home, have a goal in sight which can energise us all to make progress!
  • Therapy Works! … Content overloaded brains use energy to process it throughout the day. Talking to a friend or a counsellor will help you to cope more easily with stress points and you will definitely end up more energised!
  • Sleep like a baby!… Nothing makes you more energised throughout the day than getting a really good nights sleep. Sleep in a lovely, dark, quiet room. Clear out all electrical devices and give sleep the important status it deserves. 
  • Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin! The body produces Vitamin D through sunlight exposure so boost the body’s natural processes with your diet. Vitamin D can be found in fortified breakfast cereals, dairy and eggs, salmon, herring and Sardines
  • Omega – Low moods can be traced back to low levels of Omega 3. Higher levels help treat some types of depression – so increase your Omega 3 levels which can be found in: Mackerel and salmon, walnuts, seeds, soya, spinach and kale

Spend these long, dark winter months looking after yourself and follow these great ideas from Dr Piper! Keep talking to friends, have something nice to look forward to and keep healthy and happy. We’re here if you need us for anything else!

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