Private General Practice Services provides treatment for Alcohol addictions as well as other addictions such as drug addictions. As part of that treatment one receiveses consultations with a doctor and an expert consultant in addictions, Dr Anshuman Pant. The practice, along with Dr Anshuman Pant will aim to aid the process of  alcohol withdrawal, and lessen the effects of withdrawal symptoms such as depression. The process of detoxification is therefore assisted, and we also aid in dealing with associated disorders like the depression itself and other addictions which may affect the success of withdrawing from the alcohol. Dr Anshuman Pant explains the difficulties of withdrawal in the video below.


It is important to receive medical treatment during a detox program because there are dangers of withdrawal that can be difficult and dangerous as is explained from the extract from below.

‘Detox can be a tricky process and people should not try to detox without medical assistance. Alcohol withdrawal is potentially very dangerous. That’s why when someone tries to stop drinking on their own it’s so difficult. They’ll immediately begin to experience withdrawal symptoms and most of them will be very unpleasant.

The body can react violently towards the removal of alcohol, as it craves more and more. Detox is designed to remove the symptoms of withdrawal and help the patient through the procedure. While Alcohol Detox is a relatively short-term process, it has long-term value for helping alcoholics in recovery. The withdrawal symptoms usual begin between six and 48 hours after heavy drinking. The symptoms will both lessen and increase between 24 and 48 hours.

Part of the medical aspect of detox is the patient receiving a physical examination. This is a good idea because there may be some preexisting medical condition that could be exacerbated during detox. Conditions such as an irregular heartbeat, inadequate heart function, liver disease, digestive bleeding and alcoholic pancreatitis can all be problematic in detox. It is important for the patient to receive adequate medical care prior to the detox taking place.’

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