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Alarming Number of Lyme Disease Infections Go Undiagnosed

A recent article on SkyNews highlights the debilitating effects of lyme disease on your quality of life. It also rings alarm bells about the number of cases that go undiagnosed, which is largely due to the varied symptoms that can be very misleading.



Lyme disease can cause severe mental and physical problems and according to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence the actual number of cases may be much higher than the reported 3 000, as a lot of cases go undiagnosed.

“Tick borne infections are ‘very common’ in the UK and Ireland” – Dr Jack Lambert is Professor of infectious diseases at University College Dublin

Lyme disease is passed on through tick bytes and anyone is at risk of being infected. As the article shows, super star GB swimmer Sophie Ward got infected after hugging a Panda in Beijing. Tick bytes are quite easy to miss, and the tell-tale bull’s eye mark of a lyme disease infection does not always appear. Nevertheless, people are urged to do body checks, especially after they go on nature walks and to wear clothing that covers both the arms and legs. Another way to repel bugs is to wear insect repellent.

Lyme Literate Medical Doctors (LLMDs) are hard to find, and tick bites need immediate cover with antibiotics. Treatment needs to be long-term as the main life-cycle of Lyme lasts about four weeks. Treatment in some cases may need to be for up to 6 months in women and 3 months in men.

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