Fitness to Work Medicals

Fitness to Work Medicals are required by law for those working with:

•Ionising Radiation
•Working with Chemicals and Hazardous Substances
•Working at Height
•HGV Drivers
•Manual Handling
•Computer Screens
•Offshore Industry
•Vibration Equipment (eg powered tools)
•and more…

At we are able to offer you:

•Asbestos Medicals
•Work at Height Medicals
•HGV Medicals
•Manual Handling Tuition
•Workstation Assessments & Ergonomic Assessments
•HAVS Medicals / Hand Arm Vibration Medicals
•Offshore Oil & Gas Medicals
•Spirometry Testing / Breating Tets
•Audiometry Testing / hearing Tests
•Cholesterol Testing
•Glucose Testing
•Vision Testing
•Chester Step Test
•and much more…

In addition there are many industries where services where companies and professional firms may wish to look after the health of their employees and provide Medicals. These might include:

•Health Checks for Executives
•Health Screening for Employees
•General Fitness Assessments
•Lifestyle advice (on eating, drinking and smoking for instance)
•Help with Stress in the workplace
•Relaxation therapies
•Help for those suffering from Depression or other Mental illness
•Drug Abuse

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