Our CBT Therapists can help you deal with anxiety and depression and also with losing weight. CBT is especially helpful in dealing with negative thoughts. If you feel you could benefit from a consultation with one of our CBT therapists please contact the practice to arrange an appointment. Alternatively you might prefer to have an initial consultation with one of our doctors, or clinical psychologists.


Depressed people typically think in a biased, Negative way. They have a negative view of themselves (“I’m no good”), the world (“Life has no meaning”) and the future (“It will always be this way”).

Negative thoughts have several characteristics:
1) They are automatic – they just ‘pop up’ without any effort on your part;

2) They are distorted – they do not fit the facts;

3) They are Unhelpful – they keep you depressed and make it difficult to change;

4) They are plausible – it does not occur to you to question them;

5) They are involuntary – they can be very difficult to Switch off.

The more depressed you are, the more negative thoughts you will have, the more you believe them – and the more depressed they make you.


Charlotte performs Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with us. She is accredited with the British Association of Cognitive Psychotherpists. She is trained in Eye Movement Decentisiation and is a qualified therapist.

Charlotte anaccredited member of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) and has a ost Grad diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (‘CBT’). Chralotte has over 25 years professional expereince in the NHS and undertakes CBT for anxiety and Weight Loss on behalf of the practice. CBT is evidence based for the treatment of anxiety and depression. It is very useful in dealing with any thought disorder. Charlotte will work directly with you to help you achieve the target that you are aiming for in life.

CBT deals with the change of our thoughts and our behaviour from negative to positive. It assumes that our bad or difficult feelings are always associated with negative thoughts. The challenge is to be able to manage our minds in identifying low feelings and then find the negative thought associated. One then assesses the problem as if one is in a court of law and argues down the negative thoughts and replaces them with positive thoughts, thereby Changing various actions in life to achieve a desired behaviour.

Any changes in our thoughts will change our behaviour and conversely, any changes in our behaviour will then affect our thoughts positively.

CBT is an adjunct to medical treatment. Sometimes, therefore, drug therapy is recommended initially by one of the practice doctors.

Treatment with Charlotte is usually by referral from Doctor Piper.


Dr Nisha Karia is a fully qualified Psychologist who also uses CBT as a toll for helping clients suffering from Depression, Anxiety and other complaints.

If you think you could benefit from CBT please contact us and arrange a consultation. We will then arrange an initial appointment with one of of our private doctors, clinical psychologists or CBT therapists.


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