Food Allergies

Do you suffer with any of the following:

•Stuffy and runny nose
•Hay fever
•Recurrent mouth ulcers
•Aching muscles
•Itchy skin
•Asthma or difficulty breathing
•Stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers
•Irritable bowel syndrome
•Water retention
•Crohns disease
•Abdominal discomfort
•Joint pain
•Rheumatoid arthritis
•Itchy eyes
•Discoloration around the eyes
•Facial puffiness
If so, providing a serious diagnosis has been excluded, these symptoms may be due to food allergy. We now have the latest technology available for assessing food allergy and excluding food intolerances as a cause for your symptoms.

Most food allergies are hidden. One of the tests for detecting which foods you are sensitive to is the IgG ELISA test. This relates to the foods that we eat most commonly and most frequently and can relate to gut permeability. A more sensitive Food Intolerance test is the FACT profile.

If you are unsure what IgG is, it is best explained as a tailor-made weapon in your own body that latches onto specific substances to help escort them out of your body. They are like bouncers on the lookout for a substance that you may be allergic to. The bouncers are called immunoglobulins or IgG for short. They are of different types and the real heavies are IgE but most food allergies are probably IgG.

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